Ottomanguns / Bronco Silah ve Savunma A.Ş. is a weapon manufacturer established by producing hunting and sports rifles in Konya and was headquartered in Kadıköy, Istanbul, in 2003. Bronco Arms markets semi-automatic shotguns all around the globe. Bronco has cooperated with internationally renowned, well-established gun brands for a decade on tactical, hunting, and sportive rifle projects. Understanding the work ethics of global companies has affected Bronco positively, and it kept improving its products, quality, and culture.  The quality of a product is a priority to Bronco, and that's why we established the quality control lines based on European and American standards.  Ottomanguns / Bronco Silah, which has 40% of its employees consisting of engineers and technical teams, uses all kinds of manufacturing technologies: MIM, Forging, Investment Casting, and measurement systems. Bronco constantly invests in technology and people to continue its R&D activities, increasing the number of its many patents and utility models daily. It continues to be among the leading companies that move the tactical, hunting, and sports rifle industry forward.


To become one of the leading companies in tactical, hunting, and sports rifles with a straightforward idea: quality. 


To manufacture to surpass the consumers’ expectations and offer them the privilege they deserve when operating hunting, tactical, or sports rifles. 


Quality is an integrated process. Quality has a logical explanation as the inferiority or superiority of something.

Rising consumer expectations over time have formed quality as an absolute necessity. However, quality should never be an issue when using a firearm anyway. Each of Broncos’ products must always have a reliable and durable structure. Its mindset to ensure product quality has proven the Bronco brand to be the best-quality shotgun rifle in many categories. 

Some of our quality control equipment

Magnetic Crack Control Equipment

3D Coordinate Measuring Machines

3D Optical Measuring Device

Profile Projector

Various Measuring Equipment

Hardness Tester

Microhardness Tester

Liquid Penetrant Equipment

C-S Analyzer

Metallic Microscope

Automatic Pycnometer

Other Manuel Dimensional Control Devices

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